How Product Lifecycle Management fits for SME?

Small to Medium Size enterprise (SME) manufacturers with even the tiniest production setup are making use of modern technology to bring new affordable items to market much faster and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an essential driving part of the digital transformation.

With the ever-greater focus on innovation as well as time-to-market agility, the obstacles that were as soon as stumbling blocks for the OEM’s are now bearing down on SME’s as they seek to enhance product development along with engineering processes in an effort to gain a competitive edge. Functional effectiveness enhance with PLM due to the fact that groups all throughout the worth chain can function much faster besides better with advanced information retrieval, digital information sharing, thorough procedure and also administration of design change orders, bill of materials and also quality control.
SME’s are leveraging the digital transformation, which has been accelerated by such innovations in modern technologies as cloud, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) along with data analytics. These kinds of modern technologies are cultivating enhancements in both CAD and PLM solutions.
Cloud-based PLM offers SME suppliers a lot more alternatives to configure options to their specific service and design needs. PLM systems created for SME’s have a tendency to concentrate deeply on supplying capability that will have more bearing upon optimizing a SME’s process rather than requiring personalization and getting in touch with efforts to obtain the performance they need.

Bill of material, is very important to the SME as well as an essential component of the item interpretation. An incorrect or insufficient BOM can cause lost weeks in a schedule besides leads to wasted manufacturing runs. Buying a service to automate, improve and manage BOM monitoring as well as make sure BOMs are constantly accurate tends to be a greater top priority.

OpenBOM Cloud PLM is a very easy, affordable way to start on PLM for SME.


OpenBOM is a digital network platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers and supply chain networks. OpenBOM manages Parts (Items), Item Masters (Catalogs), Bill of Materials, Vendors, Planning, and Purchase Orders. OpenBOM connects the various silos of data in your organization (CAD, Bills of Material, POs, ERP/PLM, and more) in a single manageable connected process.

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