“Neel SMARTEC Consulting helps SME’s to stabilize their Product Development Process through Manufacturing using OpenBOM PLM”

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution developed for huge enterprise seldom fits the demands of the small and also mid-size enterprise (SMEs). Bill of material (BOM) is the blood of all manufacturing firms across the universe. It works as the structure of manufacturing planning systems, and also the details in it gives the standard data for various other business procedures, such as manufacturing resource planning, item costing for production. BOM of assembly process aids the cross functional team member of NPD/NPI to discover the ideal part at the appropriate location for assembly. Having incorrect info about inventory in the BOM, creates a loss in time, expense and earnings generation. Many SME utilize Excel spreadsheets to maintain their product BOM. Excel based BOM may still function if the number of products is few however when they release much more products, expand more production and outsourcing partners, managing an Excel BOM along with expense of materials comes to be much tough.

Major Challenge of SME: The primary challenge that any type of manufacturing business experiences is the adequate number of finished items in hand, but unable to offer them as a result of their much less demand in the market. One service to curb the above situation is to manufacture the product according to the demand. But there occurs an additional issue with resources or component products. The raw materials when kept for a very long time usually shed their quality and also obtain damaged. In either of the above scenarios, the ultimate outcome is the damage of the items as well as their big loss. The efficient functioning of a manufacturing business can be accomplished by producing the items just after the development of a sale order. This enables to acquire the called for quantity of raw materials which leads to less wastage, enhanced high quality and enhanced profit.

One Stop Solution is OpenBOM PLM to tackle the above challenges!

OpenBOM End to End Process

OpenBOM Cloud-based PLM features offers SME manufactures extra choices to configure solutions to their particular company and also design demands. The swiftly growing demand for product advancement based upon design engineering, appearance of item intricacy, continued development of manufacturing in emerging economies, as well as broadening adoption of a much more holistic end-to-end PLM service all contribute to the recorded growth in the PLM market.

OpenBOM Use Case

OpenBOM Use Case

OpenBOM Implementation

Need comes to be the mother of invention – there’s really no way to avoid it in a healthy and balanced expanding manufacturing industry. The best firms are continuously enhancing besides have business process automation system to apply a new process rapidly as well efficiently. The reality remains, nevertheless: implementing brand-new solution at work is hard. It’s a few of the most difficult job that groups do. Some teams fight with change itself – it pushes individuals out of their convenience zone and sometimes there is resistance. Don’t Worry.

Neel SMARTEC Consulting standards in implementing OpenBOM PLM, helps SME in

1. Arriving at clear objective
2. Getting inputs from all Cross-functional team members
3. Proper and transparent communication flow to make all stakeholders familiar with the long term benefits
4. Training and Support

Immediate Return of Value

OpenBOM is much easier to implement as well using the functions are much simpler and non expensive than any kind of PDM, PLM or ERP system.
Some of the direct benefits that can be reaped from the day 1 onwards are as

Requires no
1. Hardware ( Forget about initial expensive Infrastructure and maintenance cost)
2. Specialized skills
3. Specialized workforce

1, Minimal time in learning
2, Easy User Interface ( Interface looks similar to Excel)
3. Browser with Internet connection

OpenBOM cloud based PLM shipment of updates and improvements in addition to subscription based pricing model makes budgeting for PLM services beneficial besides far more manageable for SME’s. Are you prepared to automate your business process with OpenBOM PLM? Please contact us (contact@neelsmartec.com) to reserve a session to discuss just how OpenBOM can improve your design to manufacturing process.