Smart Automation to Smart Manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things

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The advent of modern technology and fourth Industrial revolution, particularly the industrial Internet of things, has brought enormous changes to the manufacturing industry.

This book is about the growth of smart factory. We live in a smart, connected world. The number of things connected to the Internet currently surpasses the number of people in the world, and we’re accelerating to numerous linked gadgets by the end of the decade. For manufacturers, the implications of this emerging “Internet of Things” are huge. Manufacturers must begin to transform existing business processes and fundamentally rethink how they create, operate, and service smart connected products in the era of Industry 4.0.

This book is virtually a one volume encyclopedia on industrial Internet of things, the author explain its evolution, M2M data communication, real time business application and business use case as well touch base the technology prerequisite along with high level overview of implementing IIoT to achieve smart manufacturing focus on improving existing processes to increase efficiencies, and concludes with a view on careers in industrial automation.

Elangovan, U. (2019).Smart Automation to Smart Manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things, Momentum Press, New York, USA

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