PLM transformation with Smart Manufacturing

It begins with the saying “Change is the only constant in this global village”. In today’s modern-day connected digital world the speed of modification is tremendously much faster than, besides it will only remain to increase. Manufacturing enterprise reluctant to adapt new technological innovation of industry 4.0 together with main pillars such as product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems lean towards to miss its presence. To overcome the challenges, manufactures need to start utilizing PLM, ERP, and MES along with industrial internet of things. Enterprises need to welcome the change and discover a means to transform the unexpected right into a chance for growth.

This book is around the progress of Smart product through Smart manufacturing. Digital collaborative product design and manufacturing process ought to focus on the quality of the process and product surpassing the client expectation. True expectation of the manufacturers is the end-to-end digitization of process, process automation, and collaboration among all stakeholder’s aids in leveraging value chain of smart product monitoring to smart service management throughout the product lifecycle. The publication takes through the journey of new product development towards developing smart product taking right into affordable advantage mainly acquiring from technical enhancements in enterprise business model, business procedures connecting the bridge between operation technology and information technology leading the path towards smart manufacturing. The author focus on the different stages of the smart product development, along with the industry 4.0 technological innovation enhancing product lifecycle thereby elevating manufacturers to produce cutting edge smart connected  product with smart manufacturing, and concludes with few business use case revolving around PLM, ERP, MES and IIoT helps in reducing non valued added process ensuring increase in design efficiency, process efficiency, high quality product and service to the customer along with the ways to gain return of investment and return on value.

Manufacturers are regularly concentrated on enhancing exceptional premium quality, efficiency, and security besides dynamically connected with customers. It has in fact end up being evident that the abiding with generation of challengers is being digital transformation in design and development of a product through continual service tracking. IIoT data insights compliment PLM, hence promote product innovation, which causes a great deal extra refined details understandings, which promotes additional product improvement to a various level.

This publication can serve as a quick reference guide for management executives, product designers, product managers, manufacturing professionals, IT (professionals, service providers) and academes to kick off the smart digital journey.