SMART connected Bio-RFID monitoring system

With the evolution of Internet of Things or Industrial Internet of Things utilization of RFID have / had been widely used in various sectors. So let’s see what exactly RFID is and how it works.

Rapid Frequency Identification (RFID) or SMART Tag systems is a generic term for modern technologies that make use of radio waves to instantly determine objects or people. The most typical way of working principle of RFID is to keep a serial number that determines a person or object, along with other information, on a silicon chip that is attached to an antenna, together are called an RFID transponder or an RFID tag. RFID transponder send the identification details to a reader, that converts the radio waves into digital information that further utilized for different business purpose based on the need.

I think of a small example of how RFID along with is used in educational sector / Small enterprise for managing students / staff attendance monitoring. IoT helps in actual time attendance monitoring system accessed remotely via smart devices by various members of the school along with parents, human resource management etc. It eliminates the absence and proxy of pupils who are not present followed by taking immediate action. The objective of utilizing IoT enabled student attendance monitoring system over the traditional way of attendance is to keep an eye on the real in and out time of the student from anywhere irrespective of the location. The tools will maintain an excellent track of the location of the individual within the campus or outside using combination of Biometric – RFID with embedded GPS receivers. As well helps in reduce accidents and improve security and safety.

SMART connected attendance monitoring system will let educational institutions / enterprises get ahead by organizing Bio – RFID monitoring system internally and also conserves a whole lot of cash spent on the manual labor.

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