What is a Business Process , Why it needs to be Automated

Organization of different scale will have their own business process for their Product or Service. Business Process is used to translate the business practices of the company into repeatable, documented processes. Activity flow that gets matured, by which the Organization goal is accomplished. Business process can be manual or automated. 
In small or medium-sized manufacturing enterprise, mostly the business process is manual.

Let us see a simple business case, how business process gets automated using a PLM system.   Scenario is 
Designer creates a model in CAD application submitting for approval. Product designed will have the below states as in the Review and Approval process.”

  • Design           Create 3D Model design and send for approval 
  • Released      Approve and Released
  • Obsolete       Promote from Release to Obsolete

In manual process the data will be shared via drive and approval through mail. No tracking of changes in the design , promotion changes etc.. It is a tedious process in this competitive world. With help of PDM / PLM system in place the process will be automated and history will be stored, tracked and so on in the system. 

Automated steps in the PDM / PLM System as

Business Process Model
  1. Submit Assignment -> Once the Object is created and Updated – Submit the object for Approval -> User gets an assignment for Submitting the Object for Approval
  2. Approval Request Assignment -> Approver reviews the Object submitted by the user for approval -> Approver gets an Approval Request Assignment
  3. Rework Assignment -> Approver wants some modification on the Object and Votes as Rework -> User gets an assignment for Rework on the Object from the Approver
  4. Resubmit Assignment -> After user modifies the Object as per the comments from the Approver need to resubmit for Approval -> User gets an assignment for Resubmitting the Object for Approval
  5. Object Released -> Approver wants some modification on the Object and Votes as Approved -> Object on approval set to Released State automatically

All the task carried out in the above steps will be available in the PLM system. Interested to get your business process automated, Please get in touch with us, We will be glad to help you.

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