PLM basics concept training

Products that are developed go through some sort of life cycle management. Examples would be discrete or OEM products such as steering, PCB Board, cars, computers, heavy equipment, etc. Product life cycle management, or PLM, is seen in product that have a long develop time or long life span. PLM was needed to integrate all activity toward the design, manufacturing and support of the product. PLM enable superior product management from concept to retirement.

The goal of this course is for Professionals / students to understand the high level methodologies and application of product development in functioning PLM environments. The course will emphasize PLM as a strategic business initiative and will introduce audience to the importance PLM, as well focus on areas that are critical for any successful PLM implementation.

PLM Basics Cover the below topics as

  • Introduction to PDM and PLM
  • Components of PLM
  • PLM Case Study

Location: Online / Onsite

Method: Instructor Led Training

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